Specialists InfoSpecialists are a special class of hard to find personnel that are rarely dropped through the destruction of enemy ships or as mission rewards. The main purposes of the Specialist are to equip them in the available command slots found in the Hangar View panel in order to grant fleet wide bonuses to various attributes, determined by the specialist themselves in combination with their rank and skill level. Specialists can only be swapped out while near the Clockwork at the hideout location.

You start off with only 1 active slot with 3 slots total for storing. As the Clockwork is upgraded through the progress of the main story, you will get more active and total slots.

Skill Level

Skill Level of a Specialist is determined by the level of the star system that you found them within, with higher level Specialists dropping in higher level systems accordingly. The higher the skill level, the stronger each bonus is at all ranks.


Each Specialist also has three ranks that determine at what efficiency of their full potential that the Specialist performs at. All Specialists are acquired at the Rookie rank and can advance to Veteran and then Master finally, with each rank increasing the power of all bonuses while simultaneously, occasionally introducing new attribute bonuses at higher ranks. These personnel gain ranks intermittently as your fleet levels up with the collection of data with a notification presented to you when this happens.


Specialists also have levels of quality that has additional effects on which attribute bonuses are possessed, how many of them and the strength of the bonuses in question. Specialists found in the “Wild” are randomly generated and can be one of the following qualities in order of rarity and power from least to most; Common (Green), Uncommon (Blue) or Rare (Yellow).

Elite Specialists (Red) are the hardest to find and most powerful of all the Specialist types. These are also the only kind that are not randomly generated, being found as part of specific events such as rewards for the completion of Secondary Missions and also relating to the events in which they were found. These unique characters are listed below.

Unique “Elite” Specialists

Specialist Bonus Conditions

Some, but not all Specialists will have a Bonus condition and requirements listed below their name in the information panel. If these requirements are met then the bonuses are increased further by +33% of the current attribute bonuses (ie: +10% becomes +13%, not +43%). Some examples of these conditions are; Civie: Prefers positive CIV relations (current star system), Ballbuster: No other male specialists active.

Specialist Retiring

Retiring a SpecialistSince you can only keep a limited number of Specialists, not to mention the eventual uselessness of lower skill level personnel as you gain higher level ones, it will be necessary at times to throw away or “Retire” one of your old Specialists. Doing this is done with the small trash icon and selecting the Specialist you which to get rid of. As a nice bonus you will gain a significant supply of Data proportionate to the skill level of the Specialist being discarded.

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